Calendar of Eagle Alpha’s 2018 Events

July 2018

  • Data Forum: Online meeting to discuss dataset costs. It will include a presentation by Eagle Alpha and a discussion on a “give to get” basis with members. 10th July.
  • Data Forum: Online meeting to sign off on the final standardized trial agreement. 17th July.
  • Data Forum: Call to discuss the concept of sharing groundtruth data. 24th July.
  • Data Forum: Online meeting to discuss how to increase conversion rates of meeting > trials > licenses. 31st July.
  • Webinar: “Alternative data for due diligence and stock short selling”. Timing is TBA.

September 2018

  • Data Sourcing: Our first data showcase event for APAC datasets takes place in Hong Kong – date TBA.

November 2018

  • Data Sourcing: Our third data showcase event in NYC will be in late November – date TBA.


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