How is Eagle Alpha’s product different?

Thought Leadership: Eagle Alpha is the only provider of Thought Leadership events, 1-on-1 advisory meetings/calls, proprietary content and curated news.

Data Insights: Eagle Alpha is one of two independent providers worldwide that offer actionable insights based exclusively on alternative data.

Analytical Tools: Eagle Alpha offers a range of unique analytical tools that enable clients to do proprietary analyses.

Data Sourcing: We are the only firm that offers a database of 500+ of the most interesting datasets worldwide, 1-on-1 advice that links datasets to specific research questions and data showcase events in New York and London.

Proprietary Datasets: We have unrivalled expertise working with search data to build proprietary indicators.

Partner Datasets: Eagle Alpha is the sole distributor of the datasets we have partnered with.

Bespoke Projects: With 4+ years experience working with alternative data Eagle Alpha is uniquely placed to work with buyside firms on bespoke projects.